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About Us  

Infinitely Children has been established to promote the health and wellbeing of both people and the land, with a special emphasis on children.

Although the land and buildings are privately owned by the Cole family, the property as a whole may be viewed as a community asset.

In 1993 Jilleen and David built a “healthy” house on this land with eco-friendly building materials and low toxicity.

We believe there is a special and strongly beneficial energy with this land which could benefit people in a whole health related way. The land itself will benefit from being used for this purpose, and from love, laughter, and fun.

Born from a vision of sharing, Infinitely Children was launched publicly in March 2005. The property was opened as a facility to be used by groups of both children and adults.

During 2006, a large studio extension built in a similar manner to the house, has been added. This studio may be hired by groups as a part of the facility. (See why use us.)

The whole property has been protected in perpetuity by an Open Space Covenant with the Queen Elizibeth II National Trust. www.openspace.org.nz

The vision and creation of Infinitely Children are supported by local iwi. Representatives of Ngati Whatua were involved in the launching of this facility and in ceremonies to incorporate both the Mauri stone and the Manea stone. Each of these stones was a gift from the Ngati Whatua representatives.

Ongoing development of the environment will be aesthetically pleasing, ecologically sound and nurturing to all of those who live and/or work here as well as those who visit.

If you think access to this place could benefit you, your students, your group and/or others, please see other sections of this site.


View of the main (octagonal) building.

The beautiful garden overlooking the native bush area.

Native bush tracks.

The friendly resident (mother and son) donkeys, Charlotte and Billy.